Thailand Retirement Visa

Thailand’s majestic landscape, formed by its rich foliage and scenic beaches make for a very relaxing and soothing environment one could live in forever. It’s not surprising that foreigners find themselves enchanted and wanting to spend their retirement days in this breathtaking piece of tropical paradise. If you are interested to do the same, applying for a retirement visa in Thailand would be the first step to take. Listed below are the requirements

Siam Legal International

Siam Legal

Siam Legal is a Thailand based law firm providing legal services in Thailand, as well as in key cities in the US, UK, and in Asia. Our legal services are delivered by our highly-qualified Thai and foreign lawyers who are divided into teams according to their area of practice. Each team consists of experts and new lawyers who collaborate to give you both expert and novel approaches to your case. Our areas of specialization include Civil and Criminal Litigation, Corporate Law, Family Law, Property Law and Intellectual Property Law. Below are some of the legal services that we offer and specializes in.

EEC - Eastern Economic Corridor

Asia has become the driving force for investment and economic growth around the world. The key players – China, India, Japan, South Korea and ASEAN countries – have a combined population of more than 3.5 billion and account for 32 percent of the world’s GDP.

Thailand is at the centre of Asia’s most influential economic region, with China to the north and Indonesia to the south. Thailand is also positioned at the heart of a rapidly developing cluster of economies comprising Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. The kingdom therefore offers a key strategic base for the Asian Economic Community (AEC)’s manufacturing, trade, exports, and logistics.

Thailand Elite

Thailand is the best location for investment in ASEAN with comprehensive connections to countries in Asia and around the world.

Thailand Elite is the country’s privilege entry visa, which originated from a singular goal – to present the finest that the country has to offer in one unique package for honored visitors.

Thailand Elite offers exclusive privileges, including immigration and airport services, as well as extensive leisure and business benefits. This makes Thailand Elite the country’s most appealing programme for foreign investors.

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