What are my insurance options

  • When living outside of your home country, where you may have state sponsored healthcare, having private medical insurance is critical to ensure you have the financial means to meet your medical requirements. Whilst not compulsory, it would be advisable to arrange such cover.The good news is that Thailand has world-class healthcare facilities, and the costs are very competitive compared to those charged in other medical centers of excellence.As such, the cost of buying medical insurance in Thailand is considerably cheaper than buying the same cover in Europe, Singapore or Hong Kong (let alone the U.S.A.).
  • Our Concierge will introduce owners and residents to recommended medical insurance providers and brokers, and if we are able to reach levels where economies of scale are achieved (which we expect to do), we will be able to obtain for you insurance plans from leading global insurers at Group rates.

Key features of our cover, along with a pricing guide provided by one of our recommended brokers

Our team will be happy to advise you on any specific questions you may have

Be aware that this is merely a summary as a reference guide. We suggest that you should seek advice from qualified insurance broker in Thailand.

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